Home Pregnancy Tests & How To Use Them

The start of any pregnancy comes with a degree of anxiety since most women find it exhilarating and scary at the same time. As a result of this, many opt to confirm whether they are pregnant or not straight away to put their minds at ease. The faster you learn about your pregnancy, the quicker you can rearrange your life strategies to accommodate the expected bundle of joy in your plans.

However, there is a debate whether one should see a doctor for a pregnancy test or whether she can carry it out on her own. Whereas there is nothing wrong with involving a physician, there are times when you may want a strong hint before getting the final confirmation from a medical practitioner.

DIY Pregnancy Tests

Pregnancy can be fascinating in various aspects, one of which includes its biological effects to the body. It can change your pattern of thought and your way of life completely, making it one of the natural occurrences that the human thinking has dwelt on long enough to come up with various effective homemade ways to affirm it.

SADSADASThe use of bleaching agents to know your pregnancy status is an example of one of the creative ways to conduct a pregnancy test. Pour a bit of bleach into a container and then add a smaller amount of your urine to it and wait to see if the bleach gives a fizzling reaction – confirming that you are pregnant. There would be no reaction if in case you were not. The urine changes color if you use Pine Sol, vinegar or white toothpaste.

All the above are sugar-free pregnancy tests. However, this does not mean that you can’t use sugar to ascertain pregnancy. As a matter of fact, some non-sugar pregnancy confirmation methods aren’t as effective as putting a bit sugar in a container and then adding urine to it to see whether it cramps up or dissolves. Always keep in mind that cramp formation means you are pregnant as dissolution means you are not.

Pregnancy Test Kits

After performing these easy homemade pregnancy procedures, you may decide to get the expert’s final verdict or buy a test kit. Also, as much as possible, use a test kit that is easy to interpret. You may, for instance, find yourself at a loss if your pregnancy test kit is neither indicating red nor green to show if you are pregnant or not as stated in the user manual.


The major difference between standard tools and homemade pregnancy tests lies in how they work. The industrial packaging is also a notable difference though it has nothing to do with accurate results for the test kits contain chemicals that detect the presence of the HCG hormone. The reactive elements to this hormone are also found in everyday household items such as sugar, bleach, and vinegar.

Obtain quality kits with the Food and Drug Administration approvals. Take caution should you decide to use homemade sugar or Sugar Free Pregnancy tests that involve the use of industrial chemicals. Keep in mind that reagents such as bleach should be handled cautiously to avoid allergic reactions. Remember to wear gloves in case you have skin sensitivity problems and you have never used bleaching detergents before.