Aligned teeth

What You Need to Know About Dental Alignment

A dental alignment procedure is not only for a cosmetic purpose. Jaw and teeth protrusion makes chewing difficult, which in turn can affect one’s appetite. Crooked teeth alignment causes improper spacing between teeth, and it reduces the effectiveness of brushing and flossing. Dental structure affects our health too.

But before you decide to visit a dentist and undergo a procedure, you would be better to read this article first. We will learn further about the pricing and varieties of dental alignment procedures.

Orthodontic braces

When your dentist gives you orthodontic braces, you will find that there are two main kinds:

1. Metal Braces

Metal BraceMetal braces are, perhaps, dental aligners that adults have been so reluctant to wear. The first reason is that it is visible. Your smile will get affected by metal braces, even if the newest technology has allowed the size of the wires to become much smaller than several years ago. The second is that the friction might be very uncomfortable. And the third is that metal braces need at least two years to work.

But the procedure for metal braces is the most affordable compared to the braces with other materials. The rate of it is just around 3,000 USD.

2. Ceramic Braces

ClinicCeramic braces offer a less striking appearance than its metal cousin. The ceramic color will blend with the teeth color, and the material will not irritate the gum. Ceramic has less friction than metal.

People who have had the experience to wear ceramic braces have reported that they feel like they have got the intended result faster than if they were to wear metal braces. But in reality the period of the treatment takes up from one to two years, which is more or less the same with metal braces. Maybe, what causes them to feel like ceramic braces can achieve the result quickly is that they do not get the discomfort and irritation commonly suffered by metal braces wearer.

The average rate for ceramic braces is around 7,000 USD and above. It might not be as affordable as metal braces but consider the comfort and appearance it has promised.

Surgical procedure

Oral SurgeryThe fastest way to get a beautiful smile with well-aligned teeth is by having surgical procedures. Some conditions, such as mouth protrusion and underbite, are tough to correct using braces or non-invasive methods.

Consult a dentist to precisely know what the right steps you can take to achieve the result you have wanted. If you need an overall face contour makeover, then usually the dentist will suggest you undergo orthognathic surgery.

DentistThe average cost for an orthognathic procedure is around 19,000 USD. The cheapest procedures but with high quality are available in South Korea. General facial contouring will cost you only around 7,000 USD.


invisalignInvisalign is a removable aligner that is exclusively designed for an individual. It can overcome underbite and overbite without the pain of having surgery. You just need to wear the dental instrument daily for 20 hours each. Then, you change the aligner as your teeth structure has changed.

Invisalign is the least invasive and painful method. It is claimed to fix teeth alignment in at least three months, as written on the site of oak lawn dentist. The price rate for an Invisalign is from 4,000 to 8,000 USD.


Saving for DentistAll the dental treatments cost you some money. The insurance regulation for whether or not a dental treatment can be covered also varies from one region to another. Most likely, dental procedures are considered as a cosmetic need, which is not included in most health insurance.

Therefore, save your money and get the best treatment. Do not take a procedure only because that is the only one you can afford. Consider it as your investment because looking good and gaining confidence are also invaluable for your happiness.

plastic surgeons

What You Need to Know Before Taking a Body Transformation Surgery

Body transformation surgery, sometimes called plastic surgery is a big decision and it is essential that you know exactly what to expect. If you have no idea where to start, this website has professional advice from an experienced plastic surgeon. Here we look at some things you may want to know before you undergo any type of body transformation procedure.

Make sure you meet the right qualification criteria

Surgery patientOne of the most important things to find out before you undergo any surgery is that you are the right candidate for it. Not everyone who wants to undergo transformation surgery is eligible. Consult your doctor beforehand to establish whether the intended procedure will not cause you any harm. You need to know if you are healthy enough so that your procedure can be successful. Fully disclose your entire medical history so that your doctor can assess whether it is okay to go ahead with the procedure.

Make sure you pick the right doctor

Selecting the right surgeon is very important when deciding to get any transformation surgery. It is vital to consult a doctor who has experience in the field. Make sure that they are a board-certified surgeon with proven results for their procedures. It goes without saying that one should look for someone who not only knows what they are doing but also makes you feel comfortable. If you want the best results, you have to find someone who is guaranteed to do a good job as well as make sure that you are safe before, during and after the procedure.

Familiarize yourself with the intended procedure

It’s one thing to know the name of your procedure and another to know exactly what it entails. Carry out as much research as you can beforehand so that you have a good idea of what to expect. Don’t be afraid to ask your surgeon as many questions as possible so that you are sure that this is exactly what you want. Find out if there are any risks associated with your desired procedure so that you are not blindsided if any complications arise post-operation. Y

You should anticipate some scarring and post-surgery pain

surgeryIt is surgery after all so you should expect some pain but it is bearable. Depending on your procedure, the level of pain may vary. However, with good post-operation care, your recovery process should be smooth. Scarring is also expected but a lot of surgeons are very good at hiding or camouflaging scars.

Can you afford it?

Good transformation surgery, which is performed by experienced licensed surgeons, is not a cheap ordeal. You need to make sure that you have enough money to finance your procedure and that it won’t interfere with your overall financial status. If you are really set on having your procedure, consider putting money aside until you have enough funds to pay for your procedure.

There you have it! Hopefully, this list will be of help to you as you make a decision to undergone plastic surgery.